• General Medicine

    MedMax physicians and advanced nurse practitioner provide primary and specialty health-care services including laboratory, ultrasound, pap and minor surgery services. Our practitioner also provides preventive care and health education to patients.

  • Physical Therapy

    We can help you get your active life back. Our professional therapists perform an individual evaluation and create a specialized treatment plan for each patient. Treatments vary for those with medical problems, other health-related conditions, illnesses or an injury that limits mobility or the ability to perform daily life functional activities. Our therapist will assess and prescribe necessary assistive devices, equipment, or bracing when needed.

  • Occupational Therapy

    Our therapists work with individuals, families and groups to help the patient achieve independence in all areas of life. These include health, work, leisure, self care and domestic and community activities. In addition, our therapists assist in facilitating health and well-being by assisting patients obtain the support necessary for independent and productive living.

  • Ultrasound

    An ultrasound technician, also known as a sonographer, uses a scanner to examine the body’s inner organs, tissues and blood flow, allowing for more accurate diagnoses and courses of treatment. Ultrasound examinations include abdominal, breast, pregnancy, thyroid, transvaginal and testicular.

  • OB-GYN

    Our obstetrician/ gynecologist provides care for both pregnant and non-pregnant patients. Annual screenings include for cancers of the cervix, uterus and breasts, and diagnosis and treatment of female reproductive health issues such as menstrual issues and sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Botox

    MedMax purchases it products directly from Allergan, Inc., a multi-specialty health care company focused on discovering, developing and commercializing innovative pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices and over-the-counter consumer products. Our trained doctor will refresh your look for a more younger and natural looking you.

  • Microdermabrasion

    Microdermabrasion is one of the more recent skin-care techniques to have crossed over from Hollywood to the mainstream, making it an effective alternative to costlier more invasive procedures. It is a non-invasive procedure performed by a trained skin care professional that uses an exfoliating material, such as crystals or diamond flakes, and a machine-based suction to gently lift up the skin during exfoliation. It gently removes the outermost layer of dead skin cells from the epidermis to help remove skin plaque and debris. Multiple treatments in combination with sunscreen, sun avoidance, and other skin care creams generate best results.

  • Lab Services

    MedMax’s licensed support staff provides a variety of quality-driven and cost-effective laboratory tests and services. Panel tests include cholesterol, cardiac, diabetes, fatigue, liver, STD, cancer and arthritis among many others. In addition, our lab results are timely, accurate and efficient.

  • Varicose Veins

    If conservative treatments like weight loss, increased physical activity, wearing support hose or increased circulation have not helped reduce the appearance of varicose veins, then Sclerotherapy can work for you. Sclerotherapy is a procedure used to treat spider veins or varicose veins where a medicine is injected into the vessels which make them shrink.

  • Minor Surgery

    Dr. Labrada takes pride in seeing that the procedures he performs are not only done professionally but are cosmetically pleasing. The surgical procedures performed in our medical facility include removal of skin lesions, repair of torn earlobes, removal of a variety of cysts and skin tags, and repairing acute lacerations.

  • X-rays

    An X-ray procedure is used to study and diagnose disease of the skeletal system as well as to detect some disease processes in soft tissue. Most commonly it is used to detect broken bones but has other uses such as chest x-rays for spotting pneumonia and mammograms to look for breast cancer.

  • Cosmetology

    Our skin is the only thing separating us from the environment and all of its pollutants; therefore, we must take great care of it. Determine your skin type; learn about skin care essentials and new non-invasive treatments like facials and microdermabrasion and yeso therapy.

  • Radio Frequency:

    Tightens the skin without invasive surgery restoring youthful skin vitality.  Radio Frequency Treatment combines the proven technology of RF for heating the subcutaneous region of the body with a therapeutic cooling head to produce maximum results with no discomfort. When this warming is sustained for several minutes collagen synthesis begins and over a series of treatments visible skin tightening occurs. Typically the face and neck require a series of 4 to 6 weekly treatments lasting 30 to 45 minutes. Body treatment sessions may be 40-60 minutes depending on the number of areas treated.


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